Introductions. Edit

Hello. Welcome to the wikipedia of the Central Bernings Railway, also known as the CBR. Here you will find everything you need to know about the company, from the locomotives, to the island it resides on.

Rhodenton. Edit

The island of Rhodenton was discovered north east of America by the British in 1493 soon after America was discovered. Explorers found large deposits of coal, iron, and other minerals, to accompany the vast and plentiful forests in the south. A few people migrated there, and nothing really happened apart from mineral and logging exports for 320 or so years.

In 1837, the idea of railways was brought to the island to exploit it’s not yet fully mined natural resources, and experiment with designs. With this, two railways were formed by 1845. In the east was the Bernings-Stockmore Railway, in the north was the North Canbri Railway.

In 1897, the 2 railways merged to form the Central Bernings Railway, taking on Sir Donald Hawnard as their Locomotive Superintendent. He changed the Lamp codes and Classifications, but not much else, and quickly got to work designing locomotives..

Timeline of Superintendency. Edit

1894 through 1923 - Sir Donald Hawnard

1923 through 1958 - Miss Lillian Vixen

1958 through 1963 - Peter Nechtian

1963 through Present- Charles Westinghouse

1964 through Present - Fraser Birchenough

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